A T-shirt can be a magical gift!

A T-shirt can be a magical gift!

Does it also burden you that you have to almost every week think about some kind of gift? For someone in the family, a neighbour or a friend? And practically every month is something, Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Valentine's Day or Women's Day. How nice it would be if we had a universal idea for gifts.

Unfortunately, many people are worried about the holidays and find it strenuous to look forward to them. Parents see great expectations in their children's eyes, which are often the result of intrusive marketing, the task of which is to encourage consumerism. In all honesty, even when we adults gift each other, we often succumb to this influence. All this, of course, could not be further from the true meaning of the holidays.

Time for things that matter.

For our grandparents, the holiday season was one of those milestones on the path of life.  It gave them a sense of inclusion in the family and broader society. Celebrations and time with the family give us a sense of security. It gifts us with content and meaning for each individual. The last weeks of the year are always associated with new hopes and changes. It is also a time when we decide to do something for ourselves and our loved ones. Why not give respect, time, friendship and kindness this year with gifts? You know, the holidays are magical only when we share them with those we love.  

Expectations and gifts

Of course, everyone wants the gifts to be something exceptional, different and original this year. We pay tribute to those who are close to us and mean a lot to us with presents. It is part of our culture to show attention with gifts as well. We communicate to those we endow that we love and respect. But people are unfortunately made that expectations often blind us, and therefore we overlook everything crucial and infinitely beautiful. Why not give homemade or slightly different gifts this year? Small but carefully selected things? The ones you choose or co-create yourself.

A pleasant gift that always comes in handy.

Books are the glasses through which we get to know the world. So this is already one of the smaller but valuable gifts. Gifts like these will put a big smile on the faces of your loved ones, adding a personal touch to them. It is something that will connect you even more with its content to your loved one. You know, original ideas keep on inspiring. A T-shirt with short or long sleeves can also be a wonderful gift with a very personal message. Last but not least, we all wear them with pleasure, every day of the year. Below are some of our tips on what T-shirts should be gifted.

You certainly can’t go wrong if you gift a funny T-shirt. Joy and laughter have a beneficial effect on every interpersonal relationship. A T-shirt that will make a person laugh for a long time and at the same time evoke positive memories is unquestionably a very appropriate gift. At many celebrations, the celebrant wears a gifted T-shirt and fun is guaranteed. And if you gift it, you will definitely be the centre of attention.

Popular are the so-called T-shirts with inscriptions. Their message value is well built, and they say a lot about the person who wears them or about the one who gave them. You can communicate just about anything with a T-shirt.  You can state who is the ''boss at home'' or the best grandmother in the world to even more powerful messages! With such T-shirts, the rule is that the more original the message, the more value the T-shirt has. That is why you must make your own unique T-shirt on our do-it-yourself generator. The process itself is uncomplicated and requires minimal computer knowledge.

It is common knowledge that men never grow up (laugh). Therefore, it is advisable to consider the hobbies and activities that the recipient practices in his free time when choosing a T-shirt motif for him. You can't go wrong if you buy an Easy rider T-shirt for a keen motorcyclist or a Firefighter T-shirt for a volunteer firefighter. Of course, even for the better half, an original, unique T-shirt will be the best gift.

Men will not miss it if you give your loved one a T-shirt with your joint photo. Equipped with the right words, it will definitely hit the target. If you have children, you can choose a photo collage of your favourite moments together. But beware! Looking at such a T-shirt can also make your loved one's eyes water – from emotion and happiness, of course. Do you have better ideas for inscriptions and T-shirt designs? Roll up your sleeves and design your own unique T-shirt on the generator named do your own T-shirt.

T-shirts with inscriptions

*celebrities also like to wear unique T-shirts with inscriptions

Design your own T-shirt

The T-shirt has become a cult piece of clothing for almost every man or woman in the last century. Who doesn't have in the closet at least one T-shirt of their favourite music group? Or maybe a T-shirt with a political or environmental message on it, some T-shirts you bought while visiting a tourist spot? If not, you definitely have a promotional T-shirt given to you by a business partner or a local retailer.

All of these T-shirts have habitual message value. And if anything, T-shirts have certainly become carriers of thoughts, ideas, memories, in short, feelings. In the last decade or a little more, the ability to make your own T-shirt thanks to the invention of DTG (direct to garment) printers has become accessible to just about anyone and for a really reasonable price. There is no longer the requirement for multiple prints or the problem of numerous colours. With DTG printers, it is possible to make one T-shirt with several colour prints and pay only a little more for it than for the T-shirt itself.

We went even a little further on our website. We have prepared the Design Your Own T-shirt application. With it, you can easily design a unique T-shirt and monitor the price we will charge you for this T-shirt throughout the process. You can plan different inscriptions and insert images of various ready-made designs. In short, you can really design a T-shirt that will completely satisfy even the most demanding design criteria and will certainly be unique.

In short, the privilege enjoyed by rock stars and famous film actors who appeared in T-shirts with unique messages and garnered attention no longer exists. You, too, can show up at the next party in a T-shirt that will let others know what you’re thinking, what you like, or just what’s entertaining you the most at the moment.

CREATIVE TIP: A T-shirt instead of wrapping paper?

Wrapping gifts is also an integral part of the holidays. After you receive a T-shirt that you have designed yourself at home, you can also use it to wrap a book, a box of chocolates or some other small gift that you will give to your loved one. A T-shirt instead of wrapping paper? Why not!

You may think: ˝Wrapping paper is already causing me headaches, let alone a T-shirt!˝ Of course, we agree that wrapping gifts is a kind of art. But as you will learn in the video, the present can be packaged quickly and easily, even with a T-shirt. For those with short sleeves, you will only need a decorative ribbon for tying the gift. You won't need even that with long-sleeved T-shirts. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the inscription on the T-shirt is nicely visible at the end.

VIDEO TIP​: Wrap the gift in a T-shirt!

Of course, we must not forget that T-shirts are also a practical and useful promotional gift. With their large area, they offer magnificent space for promotion. If you need promotional T-shirts, contact us, because our more than 30 years experiences are a guarantee for your satisfaction.

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