Make the gift original and practical!

Make the gift original and practical!

Did you find yourself in an awkward position when you have to figure out an original as well as a practical gift at the last minute? Visiting our website is the perfect solution, whether you want to gift relatives, friends or co-workers! Shirts with short or long sleeves are always a great stand-alone gift or accessory that adds the finishing touch to the already selected attention you want to give. They are made of quality premium pre-combed cotton, multicoloured and have various motifs.

The gifts we give today are entirely different from the ones we used to gift. Time brings changes, new trends and products. Nevertheless, the T-shirt remains a popular and indispensable piece of clothing in wardrobes since her "birth." And since the entry of its name in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 1920. Whether we wear it instead of pyjamas or use it to express our personal style and lifestyle, the T-shirt remains a constant in the lives of all generations.

Gifts, gifts, gifts

Choosing the right appropriate and practical gift is already a unique art. This is a challenging task for traditionalists. As they are accustomed to buying beverage bottles for men and flowers for women. When it comes to personalized gifts, the key to a good gift selection is above all originality, which does not require a thick wallet.

They were worn by Hollywood's Rebel without a Cause James Dean and Marlon Brando in A Streetcar named Desire. Mickey Mouse first appeared on it in the 1950s, and the hippie movement gave it iridescent colours and patterns. At the turn of the millennium, it became the principal carrier of messages. A long or short sleeve shirt is always the right choice for a gift, as it was created to become timeless.

We draw a smile on people's faces.

Who says funny t-shirts aren’t for everyone? A birthday, wedding or graduation anniversary, a celebration of fifty years of age or gift just because you want to make someone happy. If you are looking for fascinating, new, slightly crazy and funny t-shirts for men and women of all ages, you simply need to look in our online store! And if you’re not sure you can joke with someone, let us reassure you. Our guideline is that good humour is one that always stays on level! Browse through a set of men's and women's funny T-shirts and choose the one you think will provoke the most tears of laughter!

An original gift

With the original message

The T-shirt is a piece of clothing that allows us to send messages uniquely. This is true since the 1960s when a store called Mr Freedom on King’s Road in Alabama started selling T-shirts with motifs of Disney heroes and various inscriptions. The trend was later summed up by fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett. If you want a gift with an original message, choose between men's and women's T-shirts with inscriptions. However, you can create your own original writing for the T-shirt, which we will be happy to print for you on any T-shirt of your choice.

Birthday T-shirts

Conjure up a particular birthday gift for your loved ones with cute T-shirts that will delight everyone present. Designed for children's birthday party, or custom-designed for men and women. The T-shirt will not be a beautiful gift only, but also a lasting memory of a birthday celebration. Check out the most popular selection of birthday T-shirts at the birthday T-shirt link.

Hen or Stag party?

Neither one nor the other has passed without the most interesting, crazy, playful T-shirts! If you are just in the middle of preparations for this marvellous event that will take your loved one to their marriage, surprise them with fun T-shirts. We never run out of ideas, and you will definitely find something for yourself in the set of ideas for T-shirts for hen party or stag party. Of course, we will also make group T-shirts for you to celebrate.

Wear your unique T-shirts.

Sometimes it is simply best to just roll up our sleeves, let our imagination run wild and create our own unique piece of clothing. Try our application for creating T-shirts with inscriptions, photos, graphics, drawings,... And don't forget, your own creation will add your signature to an already beautiful and original piece of clothing. This is highly valued today!

Design a unique gift - a T-shirt

And a few more of our short bits of advice.

  • Be naughty, funny, but not rude. A funny T-shirt should be really hilarious.
  • The inscription on the T-shirt should have a message. The deeper it is, the better.
  • We will provide a quality print if the images you want to print on the T-shirt are of good quality.
  • Visit our Facebook profile, where you will find many ideas and already made T-shirts.
  • If you are not sure how and what to do, contact us. We will be happy to talk to you and advise you. 

We wish you plenty of pleasant moments with our T-shirts.

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