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Make your own T-shirt

You have arrived on our planet »Make your own T-shirt« Although the title should be continued in sweater, apron, hoodie, bag ... And that's not all! In preparation we have more items, which you can produce by your own. We will constantly add new ready-made designs and templates that you can combine in different colors and texts. In short, we want to enable an application that will live and grow according to your wishes and needs. To create your own unique t-shirt, sweater, apron ... has never been easier! For any suggestions or help we are available on

Pssst…we have more than 20 years experience in T-shirt printing. 
How to use our application? What are it's advantages? In the text below you can find small tips and tricks that will help you in making your unique product.


Pressing the ADD PRODUCT button will open up a menu consisting out of two parts. The upper part is the product selection menu, which shows you all the different products you can use, while the bottom part shows available colors for the selected product. Choosing a color will also change the color of the item in the main window. Some of our items have the option of more positions for printing. Those are visible in the upper right corner of the application and are appropriately marked. Choosing any of this positions will also change them in the main window. When you are sure of the product, color and position you want to use, you can proceed with designing your own awesome shirt, hoodie, apron or anything else.
IMPORTANT – you can always change the product type or color during the designing.  Please make sure there are no unwanted design elements on any position before you submit your order!


Clicking the ADD TEXT button will open up the text editing menu, where you can type your desired text, choose it's font and edit it's properties (alignment, bold, italic). Editing any of the text characteristics will show in the main window. The lenght of the text is limited to 2 lines. If you wish to have more than that you can always add another text field with the ADD TEXT button. The position and size can be changed by selecting the desired text and dragging it or resizing it. You can also change the angle of the text. If the text is grayed out and surrounded with a red rectangle it means the text is out of printing bounds. Resize it or reposition it to fit the printing area. Choosing a font will update the design in the main window. Sometimes it can take a few seconds to load all the fonts. You can easily switch fonts by selecting the desired one in the dropdown menu. You can also align the text to the vertical or horizontal centre of the product, move it up or down, return it to the previous position or delete it.
IMPORTANT – please make sure there are no unwanted texts on the product, before submiting the order, as every text field is calculated into the price.​


Clicking on the ADD DESIGN button will open up the design selection menu on the left side of the app. Choosing a design is as simple as clicking on it. You can also filter the designs by categories or use the search feature. If the design on the product is grayed out and surrounded with a red rectangle it means the design is out of printing bounds. Resize or reposition it to fit the printing area. After choosing a design the left menu will display color choices. You can also add multiple designs to one product, just repeat the proccess by clicking on the ADD DESIGN button again. To remove a design, first select it, then click on the red thrash icon.
IMPORTANT – please make sure there are no unwanted designs left before you submit your order, as every design is calculated into the price. ​


Clicking on the ADD IMAGE will open up a window, where you can upload the image from your drive. Supported files are .jpg, .png, .gif and .tiff. It's important that the picture is the best possible quality, as it's the only way to ensure a nice, smooth print. We will mostly try to trim out the background, but it is best if you provide images on a transparent background. You can also let us know more of your wishes in the comments at the checkout. After uploading the image drag it to the desired position and resize it with your mouse.


After you've done designing your t-shirt, apron, hoodie or one of our many products it's time to finish your order. You can see the the price of your item at all times in the bottom right corner, but please be aware that this price doesn't cover shipping costs. Clicking the ADD TO CART button will open up a dialogue with selection of sizes. Enter only those sizes you wish to order. You must enter at least one size. Confirming your choice will place the item in your cart and you are ready to continue shopping or finish your order.

If you have any problems at any stage, don't hesitate to contact us on We reserve the right to not make some items, due to technological issues or offensive content.

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