Make your own t-shirt, sweater, hoodie, apron, cap or shopping bag. It's easy

Welcome to our app »Create your own T-shirt«, although we could add sweatshirts, hoodies, aprons, caps, shopping bags and more. It's never been easier or cheaper.

Printing of T-shirts is our passion, so we use only the best T-shirts and techniques. Printed T-shirts are an awesome and useful gift!

Our new, upgraded application was fully customized to your needs. Creating your own unique printed T-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirts, apron or cap was never easier! Are you experiencing issues while creating your shirt? Send us an email and we'll help you
How to use our application? You will find the instructions and tips below. If you require additional assistance, you can reach us on mail or +386 2 4605 662.

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Choose your product

Click the dropdown menu »SELECT A PRODUCT« and choose your desired product – from unisex and women's T-shirts, bags, sweatshirts, hoodies to baby onesies and aprons. If you can't find the desired product, please contact us. We can print on almost anything! 

Select your color

After you decided which product you want to use, select the color of the product below. 
You are now ready to start designing. Now you can add text, images or both to your chosen item. You can do this in the left submenu.
IMPORTANT – you can switch the color or the desired item anytime while designing it. Before finishing your order check if there is no leftover design you forgot to remove on both sides of the item. 
With T-shirts and sweaters you can design both the front and the back side. Do you want to order something our app can't handle? Please contact us, we'll try to make your wishes a reality.

Adding an image

By clicking on the camera icon you'll see a new menu come up. You can click on the »Click or drop images here« to add images, or drag them from your folder. Accepted files types are .jpg, .png, .gid or .tiff. 
It's important that the image is high quality, so that we can guarantee a high quality imprint. 
After you have uploaded your image, just drag & drop it to the desired position. 
We recommend uploading pictures with transparent background. If you do not know how to remove the background, don't hesitate to contact us – our graphic team will be glad to help you out. 

We print images or complex graphics on T-shirts with our DTG printer – guaranteeing a quality imprint!

Adding text

You can add text to your product by clicking on the A icon. A field will open up, where you can enter your text. After you enter it, click on the »Add text« button. We use FLEX foil or DTG print for text printing on T-shirts. 

Editing your text

After you add your text, a new menu with options will pop up. 
The text will show up on your product, while several options regarding color, style, font, size, alignment will show. 
  • Text is limited to two lines. For more, just add a new text.
  • If you wish do add a two or more colored text, you need to add a new text for each color. 
  • You can change the position or the size of the text by dragging and dropping it or using the handles on the bottom right corner of the text. You can also duplicate the text by using the copy button in the top left corner or rotate it by using the handle in the top right corner. 
  • If you see a red frame around the text, it's too big. Scale it down to fit the white frame, which represents the maximum size print. 
  • You can click on the trash icon anytime to remove the text. 
IMPORTANT – before finishing your order, make sure there is no unwanted leftover text on the t-shirt. Each text is automatically calculated in the price. 

Adding an existing design

We have prepared hundreds of already existing designs and icons for you. You can choose between them in the last menu on the right. After you click on it, categories with various designs will open up. Click on the desired design to add it to your product. 
  • If you see a red frame around the design, it's too big to print. Resize iz to fit the white frame, which represents the maximum size for printing. 
  • You can use the same handles as with text, to change the size and position of the design.
  • After placing the design on your product, you can change the color, position, alignment or mirror it with the pop up menu. 
  • If you want to remove a design from your product, click on the trash icon. 
IMPORTANT – before finishing your order, please make sure there are no unwanted designs left on the t-shirt. Each design is automatically included in the price. 


You can start over by clicking on the refresh icon. You will delete everything with this.

Do you wish to see how we will see your design?

Click on the »Preview« icon.

Adding to cart

After you finish designing and you are satisfied wth it, it's time to complete your order.
You can see the price of your designed item in the bottom right corner at all times! The price does not include delivery costs!

By clicking on »ADD TO CART« button you will see a sizing select pop up. Fill only the sizes you wish to order! After confirming this, your new unique t-shirt will be placed in your cart, ready to finish your order.

If you encounter any issues or need help, don't hesitate to contact us over email or telephone at +386 2 46 05 662.

Printing Tshirts is our passion! We can do a lot of things, but sadly no miracles. We reserve the right to refuse an order, due to technical difficulties or offensive content.

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