• Retro is the new modern: T-shirt prints in 2024

    Retro is always on trend in the world of fashion, but in 2024 it's enjoying a renaissance. We are witnessing the return of iconic shapes, colours and patterns that have marked the past decades, and are now capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts in a contemporary guise. Retro is the new modern - it's not just a phrase, it's an observation that is being confirmed on the streets, in online shops and on social media.
  • Printed T-shirts are the perfect promotional gift.

    Salespeople always want their advertising strategies to be successful, achieve their marketing goals and leave a lasting positive impression on their target audience. One of the most cost-effective marketing strategies is gifting with promotional products, including promotional T-shirts.
  • Humorously printed birthday T-shirts

    Personalised or unique clothing, especially T-shirts, has been trendy for a long time, especially since the DTG (direct to garment) printing and printing with Flex foil on textiles has been available. Naturally, each of us rejoices if we receive such an item for a birthday or any other anniversary or during the holiday season. If we are not so lucky, we can print such a birthday T-shirt ourselves.
  • A T-shirt can be a magical gift!

    Does it also burden you that you have to almost every week think about some kind of gift? For someone in the family, a neighbour or a friend? And practically every month is something, Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Valentine's Day or Women's Day. How nice it would be if we had a universal idea for gifts.
  • Make the gift original and practical!

    Did you find yourself in an awkward position when you have to figure out an original as well as a practical gift at the last minute? Visiting our website is the perfect solution, whether you want to gift relatives, friends or co-workers! Shirts with short or long sleeves are always a great stand-alone gift or accessory that adds the finishing touch to the already selected attention you want to give. They are made of quality premium pre-combed cotton, multicoloured and have various motifs.
  • T-shirt history: from work shirt to walking art

    The term "T-shirt" has been part of dictionaries for about a century. The first few T-shirts were made and used more than a hundred years ago, and their popularity is only growing over the years. Forget about an evening dress or a tuxedo, a plain or printed T-shirt can completely change your look. Many times this simple piece of clothing has turned around heads. It received a lot of attention at fashion events as well.
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